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Kool Tours

This tour company's intention is  to offer a relaxed alternative to the ever-growing tendency towards mass tourism. They specialize is groups less than 9 persons and bring you to natural and cultural wonder off the beaten track.  Offers one day, three day and fourteen day packages.

Tel: (9) 895 9632.


DR. Alfredo Barrera Marin Botanical Gardins (37 km)
These 60 hectares of tropical forest just may constitute the largest botanical garden in Mexico. The park is located right off the highway and walking its easy trails is a great way to relax. All the precious hardwoods for which Mesoamerica is famous grow here, including the chicozapote tree from which chicle was and is extracted. The grounds include a collection of wild orchids, another of medicinal herbs, a forest of cacti and other succulents, a chiclero camp and examples of authentic Maya housing (traditionally-made palapas). Visitors often spot wild deer, spider monkeys, parrots, toucans and other birds. The small on-site ruin dates to around 1400 AD. A tree-house offers a breathtaking view of the park and surrounding area all the way to the ocean. Open daily: 9am-4pm; birders admitted earlier on request. Bug repellent & long pants necessary.

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