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It's night time and people go to sleep!  This statement would probably be the best description for night life in Puerto Morelos.  For those who are in search of discothèques and all night dancing, there are two very good choices -- Cancun or Playa del Carmen.  The beauty and splendor of Puerto Morelos is that we are so close to these two popular destinations, we can choose to go party in either and then come home to the peace and quiet and sleep your night off with a relaxing day at the beach.


For those that wish to have a drink close to home and enjoy a quiet conversation with their new friends, Puerto Morelos has several options such as Johnny Cairo's where you can sit at the bar and listen to John's roaring Irish tales or Palapa Pizza where you sit and watch the people at the town park.  For the hipper crowd, stroll down to La Caverna where local musicians gather to jam on bongos and play Latin influenced jazz.  Occasionally some of these bars bring in live bands for the enjoyment of the locals.  These parties are usually no miss occasions as all the town comes out to enjoys the music and dance.  On the Full Moon, you might hear some drumming from your room, follow the beat and it will generally lead you to a beach campfire and some of the best drumming and singing that you have heard since you arrived in town excluding yourself in the shower. 


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