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 Visit Puerto Morelos offers you a guide to all the hotel options in the town of puerto morelos located at the beginning of the Mayan Riviera.  Conveniently located just 30 minutes from Cancun international Airport, Puerto Morelos has become known as "La Joya del Caribe" (the Jewel of the Caribbean). Popular  searches on Puerto Morelos hotels find common descriptions as quaint, quiet, fishing village,. All these descriptions fit the town perfectly as sometimes the town seems to be lost in time compared to the two resort areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen to the North and South respectively.  Principally residential it contains many winter homes of American expatriates. Bigger hotels in Puerto Morelos have only recently started  on the outskirts of  the town. Recently it has been discovered by former residents of Cancun who like it's proximity to thier work in Cancun and retaining a level of security that they cannot find living in Cancun.  Puerto Morelos is a wonderful place on many fronts.  Most visitors remark on the friendliness of the local personalities in the town.  After a weeks stay most feel like Puerto Morelos is their second home.





















Hotels in  Puerto Morelos


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Hotel accommodations in Puerto Morelos vary significantly in price and quality.  The town truly has something for everyone. Hotels in Puerto Morelos are traditionally known for being small and quaint - usually less than 30 rooms and most are within walking distance of the restaurants and stores in the downtown plaza.  In recent years some bigger resort hotels have started construction on the outskirts of Puerto Morelos.  These hotels would be very typical of the resorts found up and down the coast of the Mayan Riviera. Most are high end all inclusive resorts with all services and activities offered on site.  You may notice during your stay that there are no highrise hotels like you would encounter in Cancun.    This is due to local building ordinances that limits the construction to be no greater than three stories tall.  This helps maintain a comfortable feeling with nature.

  +52 indicates that the telephone number is in Mexico. 52 is Mexico's country code. For residents in Canada and the United States please dial 011 in front of the country code. To dial these numbers from within  Mexico please drop the 52 and dial 01 in front of the area code.

Budget Rentals Phone Fax
Hotel Inglaterra +52 (998) 871-0418 +52 (998) 871-0418
Acamaya Reef +52 (998) 871-0132 +52 (998) 871-0132
Arrecifes +52 (998) 871-0196 +52 (998) 871-0140
Posada Amor +52 (998) 871-0033 +52 (998) 871-0178


Standard Rooms



Casa Caribe +52 (998) 251-8060  
Casita Del Mar +52 (998) 871-0301  
Hacienda Morelos +52 (998) 871-0015
Ojo De Agua

+52 (998) 871-0027

 +52 (998) 871-0507

+52 (998) 871-0202
Rancho Sak-Ol +52 (988) 871-0181 Ask for Tone
Value Inn +52 (998) 871-0232 +52 (998) 886-5704 +52 (998) 887-1488
Villas Latinas +52 (998) 871-0015


Deluxe Accomodations



Villas Playa Sol +52 (998) 871-0236 +52 (998) 871-0143
Hotel Ceiba del Mar    
Hotel Paradisus    
Caribbean Reef  Club +52 (998) 871-0191 +52 (998) 871-0190
Villas Claritas +52 (998) 871-0042 +52 (998) 871-0042
Villas Shanti +52 (998) 871-0040  


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