Fiestas in Puerto Morelos


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You don't know the concept of holidays until you spend some time in Mexico. Well Puerto Morelos is a very typical Mexican fishing village and there is nothing that Mexicans like more than a fiesta; you would swear that holidays were an invention just to throw a fiesta, and townspeople of Puerto Morelos are no exception.  During fiestas, the town square doubles as an open air night club as live bands set-up their equipment during the day.  At nightfall the music starts, the drinks start pouring and the square comes alive with dancing and simple carnival games.  Whether you are standing around as an innocent observer or jump right in and start dancing to a mix of Ranchero and Norteña Music, you will definitely sense a flashback to simpler and happier times.  


Usually, there is some kind of holiday once a month, so you may be lucky and get a chance to experience the true Mexican Fiesta.

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