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Although this town has started to gain popularity for its terrific snorkeling at the shallow reefs of the National Marine Park that runs parallel to the shores of Puerto Morelos, the diving is perhaps the most underrated in the Riviera Maya corridor. The town offers easy access to dive sites that range from very easy to very adventurous. Depending on your skill level, you can find just about anything; from the adrenaline rush from exploring some caves with shark sleeping in them, to diving in canyons, the walls of which are lined with coral.  There is a sunken naval destroyer just 4 kilometers off shore for those who like wreck diving or some beautiful shallow reef formations in water of 40 foot depth for those who wish to enjoy a long, relaxing dive amongst schools of colorful fish, eagle rays, turtles and many species of crabs and lobsters.  The beauty of Puerto Morelos' diving is very much appreciated by the regular divers who frequent our dive sites.  

There are about a half dozen dive shops in Puerto Morelos that are all owner-managed.  Local regulations are very strict with the enforcement of the marine park rules, and require that any Dive operator in Puerto Morelos must also be a resident of this small town in addition to having the standard certifications from PADI.  Puerto Morelos is an ideal location to do your PADI Open Water Diver certification dives, or if you have sufficient time you can do the whole certification course with any one of these licensed PADI Instructors.


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