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Puerto Morelos offers many activities such as water activities, jungle tours, various bars, and fiestas that occur (some are spontaneous, and some are planned). Generally there is one major local fiesta a month. Water activities in Puerto Morelos include diving or snorkeling at the popular coral reefs of the National Park.  Try dive packages that are offered on this site. Jungle tours are abundant at Goyo's Jungle Tours where you go see the famous cenotes of the region.  We highly suggest the Cool Tours where the guide provide a personal "tough" to all small groups.  We hope you enjoy your stay in Puerto Morelos; It is a great place, and very conveniently located in the Riviera Maya between Cancun and Playa del Carmen



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Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). After many years of hard work by residents and many ecologists, the coral reefs of Puerto Morelos have attained the status of a National Marine Park.  As a result there are rules and regulations that are imposed for the protection of Puerto Morelos' greatest resource. Many of these rules serve to protect Puerto Morelos' other great resource -the tourist.  By prohibiting motorized water sports such as jet skis, water-skiing, Sea-Doo's etc., they have managed to ensire protection for the beautiful reefs. The sea in front of Puerto Morelos has become a paradise for other non-motorized water activities such as snorkeling, diving and windsurfing.  All of which can now be performed without the fear of being run over by those motorized terrors.

Water sports is not all that Puerto Morelos has to offer.  There are small tour companies and individuals that specialize in personalized tours to local area cenotes or jungle tours to uncharted ruins.  For horse lovers there are a couple of horseback riding trails just five minutes south of town on the highway.  Children of all ages would enjoy an hour tour through the local crocodile and reptile zoo or a tranquil stroll through the Botanical Gardens to see various indigenous birds and animals.  Other temporary residents (we don't call them tourists in Puerto Morelos) like using the town as a jumping off point to visit the various mayan ruin sites that dot the coast and inland of the Yucatan peninsula.  There is even one local ruin that is just starting to attract interest from archeologists.  They are looking for private funding to excavate the site so they offer small private tours to help fund their works.  Ask around for Lilia and Billy if you are interested.

But by far the best and favorite activity of most visitors to Puerto Morelos is reading a good book from Alma Libre (a local used book store that is considered the best English language book store south of the Rio Grande) and sunning themselves on the beach.   


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